Business Auto

A business automobile insurance policy protects your company’s financial interests in its vehicles and its liability to others. This policy can provide coverages for loss due to damage to vehicles owned, maintained or utilized by your company. We can help you customize additional coverage’s to the policy to fit your business needs.

Professional Liability

Professional liability coverage is used to protect your business against claims arising out of negligent acts as well as errors or omissions in the rendering or failing to render professional services as defined within the policy document.

Lessor's Risk

Lessor’s Risk provides liability and property coverage for building owners who lease out their property to others.  We are experienced in working with property owners to provide a comprehensive policy for these coverages. For more information on this insurance, contact us.

Commercial Property

This coverage protects personal property owned by your firm and used in your operations. Buildings, business income, furniture and fixtures, equipment and machinery, raw stock, and finished goods all fall within this category. In the case of catastrophes like fire, explosion, theft, or vandalism, property insurance helps cover your costs - whether it's to repair damaged property or replace what you've lost.

Worker's Compensation

State law requires that you provide Workers Compensation for your employees. This provides coverage for accidents or disease arising from employment as prescribed by these state laws.

Directors and Officers

Directors and Officers coverage helps protect against claims arising from the negligent acts, errors or omissions alleged to have been committed by present or former directors or officers of your business.

Commercial General Liability

A general liability policy helps protect your business from claims arising from alleged bodily injury, personal injury or property damage as well as provides protection for services you render or products you sell.

Commercial Excess Liability

This policy provides protection against catastrophic liability claims. The policy acts as an excess coverage over your primary liability policies. Its limits apply in addition to that provided by the underlying coverage.

Builder's Risk

Are you engaged in the construction of structures exposed to special problems involving constantly changing values, special hazards associated with construction activities and a variety of interests involved in such projects? If so the Builders Risk policy provides coverage for your interests as well as the interests of others in buildings while under construction.

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